3D analysis tool using Google Sketchup and NASA World Wind


3D city models are basically a computerized or digital model of a city contains the graphic representation of buildings and other objects in 2.5 or 3D. The needs for 3D city models are growing and expanding rapidly in various fields include urban planning and design, architecture, environmental visualization and many more. The efficient generations of the 3D city models are improving the practice of urban environmental planning and design. SketchUp is an excellent tool used by architects and civil engineers for creating, editing and sharing 3D models. With this program we not only model objects and city furniture but also see it in virtual form and three dimensions, change the texture, the style, whatever we want until it reflects our required style. Google Earth being widely used by the general public and professionals, Virtual Globes are revolutionizing the way in which scientists conduct their research and the general public uses geospatial-related data and information. World Wind is an open-source virtual globe first developed by NASA in 2003. World Wind provides customable analysis to huge volumes of two-dimensional and three-dimensional scientific data. In this Project, Google Sketch up is used to prepare 3D City Models and then to unlock their full potential, models are interfaced with COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity), the XML-based scripting language of Google SketchUp and other 3D modeling applications. The imported model finally visualized on World Wind. We further develop geoprocessing tools to perform analysis with 3D city models, and interactive tools (such as the 3D Measure tool) in 3D World Wind to solve problems that can’t be solved in 2D.