Larson Electronics Releases a 600 Watt Heavy Duty Portable Light Tower


Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics announced today the release of a 600 watt heavy duty light tower equipped with four removable 150 watt LED light heads.

The WALTP-CU12-4X150W-LED-100 quadpod light tower from Larson Electronics produces 59,610 lumens of light from four 150 watt LED light heads. This portable light tower has a removable light head assembly mounted on top of a four leg, three inch steel quadpod equipped with eight inch wheels for transporting the unit from one area of the workspace to another. The light head assembly on this tower contains four 150 watt LED lamps producing 14,790 lumens each. These lamps are independently adjustable, allowing operators to adjust each light for maximum coverage.

This adjustable and collapsible quadpod can be extended to fourteen feet and collapsed to seven feet. The unit is extended and lowered using an included manual crank cable winch equipped with a brake for fast and safe deployment. The two solid eight inch polyurethane wheels allow the operator to tilt the unit back and simply roll the entire assembly to a new location when fully deployed. This portable tower is equipped with 100’ of chemical and abrasion resistant cord fitted with an industrial grade cord cap for easy connection to common wall outlets. This tower operates on 120-277 volts and is designed for use in demanding conditions and for overall longevity in difficult construction environments with heavy duty aluminum construction for maximum durability.

“This light tower is comprised of a removable light head assembly mounted atop a quadpod fabricated from three inch steel square tubing,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “This reliable construction makes the unit ideal for heavy duty applications where a stable, reliable light source is required.”

Larson Electronics specializes in portable industrial lighting equipment, high mast light towers, explosion proof light fixtures, power distribution systems, LED lighting and more. To view their wide range of products, visit them on the web at or call 1-800-369-6671 for more information. Larson Electronics will be attending the 2016 OTC show in Houston, Texas from May 2nd to May 5th. Visit them at booth 6716 to inquire about their lighting solutions for many industrial applications.

-Larson Electronics