2-in-1 Topo-Bathy UAV LiDAR


ASTRALiTe successfully demonstrated its scanning 2-in-1 Topo-Bathy lidar system from a UAV platform, producing high-resolution bathymetric imagery. This new technology enables and improves mapping capability for a variety of applications, including: underwater infrastructure inspection, military logistics, natural disaster assessment and recovery, risk assessment for industrial retention ponds, and water resource management. The flight was performed in conjunction with PrecisionHawk, a leading provider of enterprise drone technology.

ASTRALiTe LiDAR provides highly accurate measurements of water depth with 1-centimeter depth resolution. Additionally, ASTRALiTe’s patented technology enables the detection of objects with industry-leading precision, mapping the transition from land to water and determining the depth from shallow to deeper waters. ASTRALiTe’s scanning LiDAR capability is now the optimal choice for both small scale and larger scale surveys and mapping projects for streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and coastal environments.

Below, the scene from the UAV is pictured to the left. The accurate LiDAR point cloud measurements from a single pass of the UAV are pictured below showing changes in both the water depth and in the topography of the lake bottom. Two submerged calibration targets used by ASTRALiTe to validate the measurements are clearly visible in the photograph and the data.

(Left) Photograph from the drone. (Right) A single-pass, real-time 3D point cloud from the UAV-mounted LiDAR system, showing both the water depth and the map of bottom height. Calibration blocks are clearly visible as rectangles in the photograph and 3D images.