Consolidated Contractors Company Launches New Technology and Innovation Centre of Excellence with the Support of the Government of Kazakhstan


CCC has launched, with the support of Kazakhstan Prime Minister Serik AKhmetov,
the Technology and Innovation Centre of Excellence, in collaboration with the
Ministry of Industry and new Technologies and Samruk-Kazyna.

The centre focuses on technology transfers matching the requirements of the
country technology targets. Mr. Hani Akkawi, Managing Director of CCC said
during the launch to the President: “CCC has been operating in Kazakhstan since
1998 supporting the country in different areas of construction. We have learnt a
lot from this experience. We are committed to bringing to the country worldwide
technologies that are not yet available and support them”. Mr. Bishimbayev, Vice
Chair of Samruk Kazina, further added that “New Technologies supported by the
centre will help develop more efficient operations in our group of companies”.

The centre will cover technologies ranging from Energy Efficiency, Information
Technology, New Materials to Biotechnology and Mobile and Multi-media
Technologies. The centre will act as an incubator supporting and coaching those
companies to operate in Kazakhstan.

Mr. Tuleushin, Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies said: “This centre
will act as an accelerator of innovation development for Kazakhstan. We look
forward to our collaboration with CCC in this topic”.
The centre will be operated by CCC and Whiteshield Partners.

Consolidated Contractors Company