Scanning of Cadastral Maps

Scanned Cadastral Sheet with Flatbed Scanner

Kinematics Media & Solutions is providing services of scanning of cadastral maps. The scope of the project was to generate ‘ TRUE REPLICA MAPS’.

The scanned cadastral map will help to create database of revenue maps in digitized form and will get linked up with the existing database of land records. The scanned and scaled raster maps are archived as ‘TIFF-MOSAIC’.

Client Name : Kumar Survey Associate , Kanpur

Project Location: Bijnor & Moradabad , Uttar Pradesh

Type of Sheets : Matric Sheets, Momia cloth sheets , Trace sheets, Bed cloth sheets.

Scanner: Flat Bed Scanner

Process of Work:

  1. Scanning from source map .
  2. Grid Correction of scanned maps.
  3. Vectorization of scanned map .
  4. Hard copy print out for Quality Checks .
  5. Quality Check by LRD Officias :Line Work checking on the ‘GLASS’ table with printed copy output map .
  6. Rectification of Print copy