About Kinematics Media & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Kinematics Media and Solutions is a privately-owned company offering information and solutions related to emerging domains like GIS, Remote Sensing, Electronics, Physics, Computer Science, Geophysics and Oceanography. This platform is to create synergies between research and applications by publishing news, articles, interviews, podcasts and tenders.

Researchers, developers, service and systems providers as well as users are invited to contribute with news, articles, interviews and tenders.

The Kinematics Media and Solutions are seeking sponsors and industrial support for delivering a high-quality event in terms of activities like web portal, conferences, workshops, webinars and industry reports& recommendations.


Kinematics Media and Solutions brings to you the best in news and development across the globe in the field of GIS, Remote Sensing , Electronics, Physics , Computer Science , Geophysics and Oceanography.

The objective of our services is to create platform for exchange of information through our newsletter, e-magazine and conferences.


We are providing training on GIS, Remote Sensing, Electronics, Computer Science- Software, Hardware, Robotics, and MAT Lab. Kinematics Media and Solutions is expertise in learning content development; training delivery and education process management make us the most preferred training partner.

This training program makes you dynamic, multiskilled to build career. Training programs aims to give a strong theoretical foundation and excellent hands-on skills to prepare participants explore careers in and meet the challenges of the world.

Electronics: This training will give knowledge on 6 dimensions in Electronics, Robotics, Embedded, PCB, Surface mount technology and basics of Electronics Manufacturing.

Computer Science & Information Technology: Our unique awareness program for young electronics and computer engineers to learn the Internet of Things, Arduino and Sales force, Web Development in PHP and Open source Technologies , Java & J2EE, Multithreading, Android, Cloud Computing, Game Development, Python, Ethical Hacking, PHP & MySQL, MVC Architecture, HTML, CSS & JS, J2EE, CMS: Joomla,

Earth Science/ Environment Science/ Geography: Recent trends and emerging technologies related to following topics: GIS (Geographical Information System), RS(Remote Sensing) and Image Processing, Change Detection in Land Use & Cover, Landslide and Hazard Mapping, Water Pollution by using QGIS , Assessing Agricultural Land, Slope and Erodible Soil, Real Estate Application for City or Zonal or Local, Crop Acreage and Production Estimation, Suitable Sites for Camping ,Wild life management Plants, Animals, Species, Determining of roads and trails at high risk, Air Pollution by using Open source GIS , Urban Sprawl, Road Network Analysis with Quantum GIS, Flood Analysis, Road widening and 3D Analysis, Logistics Management Analysis, Drug Trafficking and Crime Analysis.